Welcome Home Party – Hog Roast Bisley

Hog Roast Catering in Bisley is what we specialise in and fundamentally what we are famous for, however it is not all that we offer. We are regularly asked about what else we offer and what other meats we can roast and our answer is always ‘just about anything’.

We were recently contacted by a young man James who had been travelling for the last 2 years and had visited some fantastic places all over the world. After experiencing some very adventurous foods on his travels at his welcome home party he wanted a simple barbeque to feed all of his friends and family. James had stated that he wanted burgers, sausages and chicken thighs in our own special marinate and then our vegetarian skewers just in case he had any vegetarian guests as he did forget to ask everyone when sending out the invites.

The party was being held in Bisley at his local cricket club where he used to go most weekends during the summer, there was a balcony where we set up our hog roast machine with the BBQ attachment and before we knew it we were ready to start feeding the guests. We had a selection of different breads for the burgers and also a selection to make hot dogs with and finally a variety of wraps to choose from. The sauces that we provided were all homemade sauces to add that extra bit of freshness and unique taste that comes from Hog Roast Bisley.

James had done a fantastic job of decorating the room, he made a banner that went all the way around the room with different photos on from his travels. The guests were so pleased to see him, many hadn’t seen James for nearly 2 years and only kept in touch via the powers of social media. Overall we had 70 guests who had attended and after we had served they all joined together around our hog roast machine to make a toast to welcome James home.