Hog Roast Oxshott Machine Training Day

Earlier this year, I contacted Hog Roast Oxshott to enquire about the services they provide. I initially phoned them after being told how beautiful their meals were and the reliability of their service. I found their website easy to use and instantly phoned their direct number. One of the team members explained to me that they offer catering services for any event, this included weddings, engagement parties, children’s birthdays, funerals and gatherings. I had been wanting to host my own party for a while however I never found the confidence to cook for a crowd of people.

After twenty minutes on the phone to one of Hog Roast Oxshotts advisers, I was booked in for a hog roasting machine training day and ready to buy my very own instead of hiring out a caterer. I chose this option as the price was very attractive and I could keep it for my very own.

Hogmaster in useAfter attending the training day, I learned how to transport my machine around. It had wheels attached and fit into any small van or large vehicle. I was also shown how to clean and maintain the machine, and of course, how to cook meat with it. Soon enough, after getting my machine home, I was catering for my own parties. Since last year, I have thrown a new year bash, a party for my daughter and a small garden party. The best thing about my machine is the pure ease of using it. I leave my chosen meat, whether it be chicken, lamb or hog to roast for hours whilst I enjoy my guests and then come back to it when its tender and ready to serve. All I need to do is carve the meat and pile everyone’s plates with my very own creations. I even managed to salt rub my hog at my daughter’s party to give all of the guests some delicious crispy crackling.

The service from hog roast Oxshott was delightful, they helped me gain confidence in cooking and encouraged me to host my own events.