Hog Roast St Georges Hill catering for a Canal Boat Community

Canal boats are rapidly becoming a lot more than just a tranquil holiday option, many people are now choosing to live on them as permanent homes, as a much more cost effective and scenic option than a city centre apartment. The Hog Roast  St Georges Hill team were contacted by a local canal boat community, who after proudly establishing their little floating village and loving every minute of it, they decided to throw a party to celebrate. They didn’t want to venture into the city to have a meal in a restaurant though, they wanted to enjoy some great food together in the very spot they were all so pleased to call home. At first they didn’t think this would be possible, but one phone call to us here at Hog Roast St Georges Hill soon put their minds at ease!

We confirmed that yes, we can cater anywhere and yes, we would be more than happy to spend the day with them canal side, slowly roasting some of our premium pork and freshly preparing some delicious salads to accompany it!

Northamptonshire - pork + stuffing When we arrived the boat owners had decorated their beloved barges for the occasion and they were all eager to see our Hogmaster in action! They spent the next few hours making sure they had everything else ready for the party, whilst we took care of the food. Their preparations frequently came to a halt however, as one by one everyone came over to us at some point to watch the succulent meat slowly-roasting, and they couldn’t wait for the main event!

The time finally came to crack open the bubbly and tuck into one of our delicious pork sandwiches, with a good dollop of our creamy coleslaw on the side! There was such a strong sense of community spirit throughout the entire event and the canal boat owners all loved how interactive and sociable our style of cooking is! They knew they had made the perfect choice for their party food and loved how we were able to prepare it all right in front of them. It was a lovely day with some great people and the Hog Roast St Georges Hill team were pleased to have made their celebration even more memorable!