Southern Slow Roast For 35 in Chiswick

Surrey - southern slow roastWhile Hog Roast Chiswick is renowned for its hog roast centre-pieces that often impress with how they look and the amazing smells that they create, we can actually cater your special occasion with all kinds of other food, either instead of or in addition to a hog roast. If you prefer a different kind of meat, we can spit-roast chicken, turkey, lamb or beef, or barbecue our chef’s own sausages and 100% beef burgers. We could even help you to create your own menu with several courses for a posh wedding or corporate event, for example, including meat, fish and veggie options, and our waiter service can kick off the celebrations with glasses of champers and platters of our homemade canapés. Whatever you have in mind for your forthcoming party or event, Hog Roast Chiswick can help you to make it a great success in terms of delicious food, professional service, and at a price that may surprise you.  

We were recently asked to cater an event in Chiswick for 35 guests with our popular Southern Slow Roast menu, which features a trio of delicious, slowly roasted meats served in a variety of fresh bread rolls or wraps and accompanied by various side dishes, salads, and potatoes. You get to choose the three meats you want to be cooked and served from a list of five, including barbecued pork butt, Texan 24-hour beef brisket, Cajun-spiced whole roasted chicken, Louisiana sticky pork ribs and Creole-spiced pulled quarter of lamb. Each of these is marinated in one of our secret recipe rubs and then cooked low and slow to ensure soft and tender meat and we then serve them with a selection of yummy sauces.

Add to this your choice of four tasty side dishes such as Memphis-style coleslaw, a Greek salad, corn cobettes, mac n cheese, a green leaf salad, Cajun-spiced sweet potato wedges or skin-on whole baked potatoes and Hog Roast Chiswick will easily impress your guests and satisfy their hunger, just like we did for the party guests in Chiswick. By 5pm on this day, we were busy serving our lovely food on real crockery and the plates all came back empty – just how we like it.