A New Baby Welcomed With A Hog Roast Cobham Feast

   This January, Emily and Aaron welcomed their first baby daughter and so Emily’s sister, Clara, decided to organise a small party at their house for their family and close friends to celebrate the arrival of her niece. She wanted to serve the food at the party but was not comfortable cooking for so many people and wanted the party to be a success for her sister. Therefore, Clara organised for the Hog Roast Cobham team to create a buffet and serve indoor at her party.

Hog Roast Cobham

   Clara selected the Private Party Menu Five which ensured that the guests had a huge selection of different foods to choose from. The afternoon started with canapes served to the guests by Hog Roast team’s waiters as they arrived. The canapes included miniature vegetarian pizzas, chicken satay with a peanut dip, spicy Thai chicken kebabs, miniature beef burgers and handmade gourmet sausages. The Hog Roast Cobham team’s main course was served along the buffet table and consisted of the team’s classic slow roasted pig, served with apple sauce, homemade stuffing and crispy crackling, and chicken kebabs and marinated meaty spare ribs. In addition, a vegetarian option of vegetable skewers was served as well as crusty bread rolls and wraps to eat with the meats. Alongside the meats, a selection of sauces, seasonal vegetables and jacket wedges were served.

   To finish off the fantastic afternoon, the Hog Roast Cobham team served two puddings of profiteroles, with chocolate sauce, and sticky toffee pudding, served with toffee sauce. The puddings were also made fresh and the sticky toffee pudding was served warm to the buffet table. The Hog Roast team’s Head Chef ensured that all of the food was cooked perfectly and the meats were roasted evenly. In addition, they ensured that everything was served on time to the buffet table at 2:30pm for all of the guests to enjoy. Everyone loved the food and the party was a fantastic success. The party had been organised really well by Clara and everyone went according to plan. The party was a great way to welcome Ellie into the world and start Emily and Aaron’s new journey as parents.