Garden Parties Becoming More And More Popular!

Surrey - garden party2Hog Roast Claygate recently had a great time catering Greg’s garden party in Claygate itself. Our lovely Surrey village is close to London but we’re lucky enough to have lots of surrounding countryside. While here at Hog Roast Claygate we do often cater parties and events much further out when necessary, it’s always nice when we get to cater locally too, of course.

For this party, Greg asked us to cook our very popular Private Party Menu 1, which is hog roast rolls, for 60 guests. To make these sumptuous pigs in buns, we prepare the meat on-site and then slowly roast for a few hours at your venue. Once rested, we slice off all the yummy, salty crackling and slice into the juicy meat inside to fill trays of both, then add the meat and crackling to floury bread rolls or wraps alongside our own sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce. We always bring along condiments too, as sometimes all that’s needed to complete a hog roast roll is a bit of sauce!

On the day of the garden party, our friendly, professional Hog Roast Claygate team arrived at the house venue in the morning to set up the equipment in the back garden and to prepare and roast the hog itself. It takes several hours, so for an early afternoon serving time, we needed to get cracking first thing. To prepare the meat, we scored the beast all over, covered it with water and then massaged in lots of salt (the latter part ensures that the skin turns into amazing crackling). Once the meat has been prepared, we set the temperature and then watch over it as it sizzles away, just like on this sunny day.

Surrey - Pig6By 2.30pm, it was time to serve Greg and his guests plenty of gorgeous pigs in buns. The sun had stayed out and a lovely day seemed to be had by all – and not least because of our scrumptious, high quality, homemade food. We love to cater any kind of party or event and it clearly shows in the taste of the food and the smiles on our faces as we serve it.