Rent A Hog Roast Machine In Ockham

We’re proud to be well-known as food caterers both locally and nationally but we’re also just as proud to be associated with the hire and sale of our own hog roast Ockham machines, too. We manufacture the machines that we designed here in the UK and we sell them all over the world and hire them out to customers around the country. If you’ve been thinking of hiring one but you’re worried about what goes into a hog roast Ockham , believe me when I say it is much easier than you might think. Our machines are incredibly easy to use, and we show you every step that you need to take – from preparing the meat to turning the machine on and to keeping an eye on the flame as the pig roasts away.

Henry and Sally are local event caterers who have been thinking about branching into the art of hog and spit roasting. They called us asking about the possibility of renting a machine of ours before purchasing one, and we would always recommend that you hire one first anyway. It’s a big investment and we want you to feel comfortable using one of our top-class stainless steel machines before buying one.

Neither Henry nor Sally had used a hog roast machine before but they had both previously enjoyed our fantastic food at a friend’s wedding, so we were their first choice when thinking of hiring. We have a showroom and factory in the northwest of England and you can make an appointment with us to have a look around, see our full range of machines, and also even see them being built. This is exactly what this couple decided to do, so we showed them around recently, and they ended up renting one of our Titan machines to cater one of their own events.

When we collected the machine earlier today, Henry told us all about the engagement party they had catered, where they had roasted a huge beast of a hog roast Ockham for 7 hours, and they had loved every minute of it. Just like The Spitting Pig, the couple made hog roast rolls with their own homemade stuffing and apple sauce and had received a multitude of compliments from the guests. They’re even popping in this weekend to buy their own machine.